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"I was invited to the Geek Dads Life of Dad page by a coworker, and instantly enjoyed being a part of the group. So many like minded men, in a place where we could just be ourselves, be vulnerable, be honest, be geeky, and experience not just acceptance but praise and encouragement. It was fantastic! I then learned about some of the other pages. I was able to get in at the beginning of Automotive Dads, Outdoor Dads, DIY/Home Improvement Dads, Cooking Dads, and Military Dads and helping to grow those groups has been a privilege. I have had opportunities to give advice, and have been fortunate enough to receive some as well. To me, these groups are exactly what society should be. No judgement, just men who respect each other and understand what we face in life as fathers, spouses, boyfriends, brothers, and friends. All coming together to support each other, offer encouragement, joke around, show off our kids and their accomplishments, commiserate when things get hard, and pull each other up when we're low. If these groups were the way we all lived our day-to-day lives, I'm convinced the world would be a better place. I'm proud to be a part of the Life of Dad groups, and I'm very glad they found me."
Jim Scott
Jim Scott
Life of Dad community member